3 April 2018 The Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE


A meeting of minds to foster new opportunities

We are living in dynamic environment faced with challenges that require global thought leaders from private and public sectors to collaborate and work towards achieving sustainable businesses and economies.

Acknowledging the need to communicate more on the current developments, Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East has crafted a one-day conference with government and business leaders. The objective, expert-led debate will focus on the trends, challenges and solutions that will shape the future.


We have designed the conference agenda with continuous interactive sessions that will enlighten on expected impact of new economic developments, identify areas for change and improvement in policy-making and identify how business leaders can remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve.

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Tap into our exceptional mix of speaker line up with leaders from government and private sectors who have successfully led growth and innovation.


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Whitepaper on Token Generation

The paper explains:

  • Target scenarios which the X8C currency token focuses on to deliver benefit to its users
  • The workings of the token model
  • Steps to apply the solution in blockchain

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